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Our History

The milk we grew up on, since 1924.


It all began in 1924, when Robert W. Baxter purchased a small milk route in Saint John, New Brunswick. After selling and delivering pasteurized milk door to door by horse and wagon, he decided to build his own milk processing plant. In 1931, Baxter Dairies Limited was born.


Generations later and still a trusted name, the Baxter brand has been a staple for New Brunswick families and a welcome guest at countless kitchen tables across the province. That’s because, since 1924, the Baxter brand has been delivering high-quality milk products to both city and countryside alike. It’s what makes Baxter milk the one New Brunswick grew up on.


In 2001, the Baxter brand was acquired by Saputo. Today, the brand is still just as committed to being New Brunswick’s milk brand of choice, and it’s our promise to care for our local communities by carrying on the trusted tradition of bringing nothing but quality dairy products to every New Brunswick family.